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Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Services

The compromise or unavailability of your organisation’s Industrial Control Systems (ICS) can make it impossible to manage your critical functions, resulting in financial loss and regulatory action, widespread public service disruption, and potentially injury or death. In addition, many ICS have a long lifecycle, so implemented security measures could be outdated. We can conduct an ICS security review that highlights risks to your OT including technical deployment and operational processes.  Our review will help you manage risk over the lifetime of your system(s) and will include a detailed technical examination of your operational system’s implementation and the supporting business processes that maintain them.

ICS services


The ICS security review includes:

  • Management system access
  • Network interconnections
  • Management processes
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Governance

ICS Security Architecture Assessment

The ICS Security Architecture Assessment takes a holistic approach to assessing the security design of your operational technology and based on your unique business context provides an in depth, expert-led assessment of your Industrial Control Systems. Leveraging Cyber Smart Associate’s’ view of proprietary & industry best practices, the assessment outlines and guides actionable next steps to improve your security.

  • Inform ICS operations, & security architecture built on prioritised risk based guidance
  • Define ICS ‘Protection Profiles’ to help guide technical refresh programmes


Examination of ICS management teams with security-focused approach.

Written reporting providing prioritised improvement recommendations.

Analysis and validation led by experienced CNI security experts.



Gain independent assurance by measuring security effectiveness.

Determine areas of risk measured against contextualised potential business impact.

Partner with security experts who provide trusted guidance to improve security.