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Cyber Security Services

Threats to cyber security are persistent and constantly evolving. With an ever-growing number of targeted cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure, online commerce and the private sector, protecting your business from risk and keeping corporate data safe has never been more critical.  Some organisations are underprepared to deal effectively with potential security breaches with their security teams finding that their work has become a race against the attackers.  The private sector is more exposed to cybersecurity threats than it needs to be, given the best practices that are available today.  At Cyber Smart Associates we offer a range of flexible services that not only help secure your company’s Information Systems but can help improve your business’s value.  Our highly qualified & experienced team can deliver security capability at all levels of your organisation and are on hand to help ensure that your projects deliver solutions that are appropriately aligned to your cyber security risk position and satisfy your regulatory compliance requirements.

Our Certified Cyber Professionals (CCP) Consultants

If you are delivering a technology holding sensitive information you will almost certainly be required to ensure the system meets National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) guidelines & other standards used by Government Departments & Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) Organisations. If you do not address this up-front, the project can suffer technical debt resulting in cost over-runs and reduction in productivity, potentially damaging reputations too.

We ensure that our Consultants are certified by the NCSC’s Certified Cyber Professional (CCP) Scheme. Many of our Consultants also hold other certifications, but the CCP Scheme has evolved and improved over a long time and has the most rigorous route for certification, which means that we can offer the quality of expertise and service that cannot be matched by volume employers.

Service Benefits

Our Certified Cyber Professionals have a wealth of experience in understanding the risks to government systems and identifying appropriate controls to mitigate those risks. We have been successfully augmenting Project Delivery Teams and delivering a broad range of cyber security services to Government and its suppliers since our inception in 2012. We reduce the dreaded project risks of time and cost over-run, and our consultants have strong relationships with Accreditors – we have number of consultants who were previously in similar roles which gives us a good understanding of deliverable expectations, & security concerns. If your project needs to meet specific government cyber security standards, we can help you achieve this goal first time.

Many people assume that being a cyber security professional is all about writing documents but that is only a small aspect of the job. Our consultants bring a real understanding of information risks and how to mitigate them in the most efficient way. Resources are always in short supply, even more so in the current economic climate and should only be allocated to reduce identified risks, not just because a standard or best practice says so. Security controls cost money, so you need to be assured of their necessity and their effectiveness.

Our Cyber Security Consulting Services


Our Project Managers fully understand the delivery life cycle and how security supports it. A Cyber Smart Associates Security Project Manager will direct the security function of your projects based on your company’s strategic objectives and specific Data Privacy goals and needs. They can advise your COO, CTO, or your CISO department on security matters and marshal the security aspects of transformation programmes.

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Third Party Security Services

Companies depend on third-party service providers to host or manage their information. Businesses stay competitive by using multiple customer and vendor relationships and accessing specialised solutions and skills. This advantage, however, offers challenges around third-party data security, proliferating regulatory and compliance requirements.

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Cyber Smart Associates Security Architects can augment your development teams to support secure design and integration of solutions across the enterprise networks and applications.  Our Architects are well versed in architectural frameworks such as TOGAF, MODAF and SABSA so whether your need is for technical support at the enterprise abstract or whether you need a solutions focus, they can help ensure that your information systems are secure by design.

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Our Project Managers fully understand the delivery life cycle and how security supports it. A Cyber Smart Associates Security Project Manager will direct the security function of your projects based on your company’s strategic objectives and specific Data Privacy goals and needs. They can advise your COO, CTO, or your CISO department on security matters and marshal the security aspects of transformation programmes.

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For Businesses that are planning ‘Cloud First’ Transformation strategies, our cloud security architecture assessment service gives an objective assessment of your compliance readiness with the 14 Cloud Security Principles, or the Cloud Security Alliance’s Cloud Controls Matrix (CSA CCM).  Our Service is listed on the G-Cloud 11 Framework under Lot ‘Cloud Support’.

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We know that every company has unique business drivers and security needs. As no two security issues are the same, we offer a range of security services remotely deployed and tailored to your security maturity, threat landscape, and desired level of security.

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technical risk assessment

The risk assessment process identifies, analyses and evaluates risk, and ensures that the cyber security controls you choose are appropriate to the risks your organisation faces. Conducting a risk assessment can be a complicated undertaking, especially for organisations that don’t know what standard to measure their efforts against. Our qualified cyber security advisers will provide business-driven consultation on the overall process of assessing information risk.

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ISO27001 consultancy service


Our ISO27001 consultancy service can help you implement an Information Security Management System and achieve certification. We will work with you to build a management system that fits with your organisation, building on the good work you are already doing and support improvements.

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CNI security

As part of the Government’s £1.9 billion National Cyber Security Strategy to protect the UK in cyber space, the NIS Regulations provide legal measures to boost the overall level of security (both cyber and physical resilience) of network and information systems that are critical for the provision of digital services (online marketplaces, online search engines, cloud computing services) and essential services (transport, energy, water, health, and digital infrastructure services).

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ICS services

We can conduct a security review that highlights risks to your OT including technical deployment and operational processes.  Our review will help you manage risk over the lifetime of your system(s) and will include a detailed technical examination of your operational system’s implementation and the supporting business processes that maintain them.

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With our NIST CSF Alignment Service we typically start by developing a profile that describes an organisations current cyber security activities and their outcomes. We then develop a target profile, or adopt a baseline profile that has been tailored to better match its critical infrastructure sector or the type of organisation.

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Cyber Smart Training

We offer two levels of cyber training: Awareness level giving newcomers a thorough foundation in cyber security, and Application level in-depth courses for professional development. Training is delivered by practicing cyber security consultants all of whom, possess a minimum of 20 years in the implementation of Cyber Security & Information Assurance for global organisations.

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Our Consultancy Services Approach

Our Certified Cyber Professionals work at any stage of the project from the Concept & feasibility progressing the security function through Design, Develop, and Operate phases. Our primary aim is to de-risk delivery from a security perspective providing you with more certainty and confidence in the outcome. The cyber security consultancy services we provide are flexible so can differ between customer and project but in general we are working as part of your team in the delivery of a solution. Our advisers follow a standard process:

  • Identify the scope & Stakeholders & understand commitment
  • Determine the Business Aims & Business Context
  • Gain a thorough understanding of proposed solution options
  • Produce the cyber security work package or plan identifying products, activities, and a time frame with milestones
  • Identify, agree, and document the operational information risks to the proposed system
  • Identify, agree, and document the operational controls to mitigate the risk
  • Work with designers and other stakeholders to implement technical and non-technical controls
  • Ensure stakeholder engagement throughout the project – Sponsor, Government Project Manager, End user, In-service management, Case Officer, Accreditor etc.
  • Manage any assurance testing

Throughout the process, ensure risks and risk management solution are appropriately and proportionally documented.


Why Choose Our Services


Our Cyber Security Architects leverage deep industry expertise, market leading technologies and technical skill to help organisations detect, understand and respond effectively to cyber incidents.



All our Certified Consultants are rigorously selected by us and possess at least 10 years’ experience in the Private (Finance & Businesses) and Public (HMG & Defence) ICT delivery environments. Our Security Architects have extensive experience in the development, deployment and management of sensitive systems around the world. This experience helps us to understand Threat Agent capabilities used to exploit any potential technical vulnerabilities of Communication and Information Systems (CIS) employed by our clients nationally.


The geographical reach and quality & depth of our consultancy team enables an agile approach allowing us to deliver highly flexible, cost effective, immediate, individual or team-based solutions anywhere in the UK.


Our Architects have extensive experience in a number of Enterprise and Solutions Architecture methodologies and private and public sector Compliance frameworks including AWS Cloud Security, Azure Cloud, GCP, NIST CSF, ISO/IEC: 27001, COBiT,  PCI/DSS, the Security Policy Framework (SPF), the Defence Manual of Security (JSP440) and NCSC schemes such as Cyber Essentials.



Effective Information Risk Management is critical for any organisation. With ever-changing threats and regulations, we work with our clients to deliver a cost-effective approach to managing their risks, without being so restrictive that it hinders their day to day operations or agile delivery.


At Cyber Smart Associates we pride ourselves on being able to help customers make the best choices for them.  Our commitment to providing superior quality services and customer engagements enables each team member and Associate to provide an exceptional level of service to our clients.

What Our Clients Are Saying

First Class Service

“My experience of working with Cyber Smart Associates was first class. Their team was responsive and always flexible as our needs changed. They have an excellent understanding of the market and specialist skills requirements. They provided us with top quality professionals that have added significant value to our business. We will continue to use them as a source for highly qualified consultants.”

Chief Operations Officer

Government Strategic Partner

Met All Deadlines

“Cyber Smart Associates helped us with the rapid ramp up of our business in the UK. Even though our timelines were aggressive they sourced a top notch security team and met our requirements at every stage of the process. Great organisation who were a pleasure to work with.”


Fintech Start-up

Excellent Support

“Excellent support from Cyber Smart Associates. The Cyber Smart team steered two significant network programmes through security accreditation. Diligent and highly organised, the team marshalled a compelling set of security evidence that anticipated and overcame queries & objections. Under Jay’s guidance, security appeared just not to be an issue. This is no minor feat in the customer’s environment.”

MoD Programme Director

Public Sector Organisation

Don’t Go Anywhere Else

“Great to work with an agency that truly understands the world of a consultant. They have helped me secure many opportunities over the years. Don’t go anywhere else if you are a seasoned professional looking to work with similar.”


 L. Turner

Information Security Consultant

Highly Professional & Highly Effective

“Cyber Smart’s consultants proved highly effective in assisting with the development of our cloud first roadmap. Their services have always been in tune with our needs, highly professional, delivered on time and with very good outcomes.”

Transformation Director

Financial Organisation

Professional, Knowledgeable and Friendly

“An excellent agency if you are struggling to find top quality consultants. They are extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly, and have continuously helped us meet our project needs and deadlines.”

Professional Services Organisation

Head of Consultancy

Delighted With The Training Received

“We were delighted with the Delivering Security Assurance course run by Cyber Smart Associates to support the upskilling of our Project Managers. The trainer was obviously an expert in delivering secure IT systems and knew our business really well. I provided him with the issues most important to us prior to the course along with information on our operating model. He used this information to fully engage my team’s’ interest and stimulate highly productive discussion in the group. Feedback from the course rated the quality of the course material and the overall presentation very highly – attendees felt their skills and understanding had been significantly improved. And, importantly, they enjoyed it!”

Head of Information Security

IT Service Provider

Always Go The Extra Mile

“The Cyber Smart Team have been working with our technology partner’s cloud development teams where they have been making improvements to our change organisation’s DevOps model whilst also supporting technical change activities for projects. They always go the extra mile dedicating a great deal of time ensuring high quality and trusted reporting that really helps our decision making.”

Product Group Owner

Financial Services Organisation

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